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Our process is to procure the best quality milk.

Our process, like many in the cheese industry, is to procure the best quality milk. The milk is tested before being accepted into our plant by trained and certified intake operators. The milk is then pasteurized and placed into large vats, where cultures and rennet are added. This process coagulates the milk protein into curd. The curd is then separated from the whey in our press tables to make a curd bed and remove excess whey.

The curd is then cut into smaller sections and molded into wheels, small blocks, and loaves. The cheese is then brined to remove additional moisture until the cheese attains its correct specifications.

Swiss Cheese production is a complex cheese to produce due to having strict control over the temperature, pH, protein, and fats in the product. Our expert technical staff in conjunction with our production personnel oversees and controls all aspects of the production.

Once our product is packaged, the cheese must cure in warm rooms to develop the cheese and produce the iconic “eye” or “holes” in the cheese that everyone is accustomed to seeing. This curing can last up to 45 days in a temperature controlled room until fully developed. Grading on each vat is done by selectively sampling product from each vat. Only when our expert cheese makers and graders provide an approval, will the cheese be removed from our curing rooms to our cooler.